I have been a competitive B-boy (a person who breakdances) since 2007, and I am the co-artistic director  for the artist collective Stylin' Out Network ( 

I have taught, performed, and competed worldwide, including but not limited to South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, and the United States. I have taught workshops at various American universities, including Princeton University and the University of Chicago. I have organized several internationally attended dance events and won several prestigious breaking competitions with my group and as a solo performer.

As a dancer, I focus on improvisational artistry and strive to integrate various styles into my craft. I often use humor (and sometimes absurdity) to subvert some of the expectations regarding breaking that exist inside and outside of the breaking community. In general, breaking can have a much broader scope of expression than what it is traditionally given credit for; I, therefore, try to display the more untraditional expressive capabilities of breaking in my movements and when I choreograph.  


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